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  • Fair Treatment in Work Assignments and Promotions
  • Improved Healthcare and a Secure Retirement
  • Higher Pay

    Then You
    NEED a union!

    A union is a democratic organization of employees in a workplace who choose to join together to achieve common goals. By forming unions, employees can work collectively to improve working conditions, including wages and benefits, hours and job safety, to resolve disagreements of employees and employers and to find the best ways to get the work done. Unions also represent members and all people who work by advocating working family-friendly laws and policies through legislative and political action. Most people who work in this country have the right to form and join unions under the 1935 National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which encourages union formation.

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    Our Mission Statement:

    Union Guy is focused on providing you with the most comprehensive listing of labor unions and on being your trusted source for labor union referral services. (more)

    What We Do:

    Our most frequently asked question is, "I'm interested in joining a union, but which one should I choose"?

    Here at Union Guy, we proudly offer FREE, labor union recommendations based on the information available to us. In order for us to provide you with the best referral, we ask that you include certain information with your inquiry. Please include your name (first and last), your address, your phone number, the name of the company for which you work, the city and state where the company for which you work is located, and a description of the type of work you perform. We consider this information in addition to information in regards to the various labor organizations of which we are aware and make recommendations as we see appropriate. Rest assured that any and all infomation you provide will remain strictly confidential and will only be shared with the labor union to which you are referred. Union Guy is your trusted labor connection. Ask Us

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